“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment” – Ansel Adams

Completely self-taught, Mark started his photography career shooting motorsport all over England and Europe, before becoming a senior Formula 1 photographer for a couple of years – the only Irish photographer to do so. Shooting F1 all over the world exposed him to the pressure of having to deliver required photos to major clients time and time again. Traveling all over the world showed him the beauty of the various countries, although working in F1 didn’t allow for much personal work!

Towards the end of 2006 Mark left F1 behind, and moved back to Ireland to specialise in wedding photography in Sligo! He’s been photographing weddings ever since under the business name Mark Capilitan Photography.

The travel Mark does now has influenced his venture into panoramic photography. Being inspired by leading panoramic photographers such as Ken Duncan, who showcase the brilliant colour and elegant terrain in nature, Mark decided if they can show the unbelievable conditions around the world, then why not try and do something similar around Sligo, which is undoubtedly a gorgeous county to live in with it’s sea, mountains and rivers all a stone’s throw away. It’s just a matter of waiting for the right conditions!

Mark is one of a handful of photographers in Ireland shooting true panoramic images on film using specific panoramic cameras & lenses made by Hasselblad.  Film is a format Mark always chooses when out looking for potential new landscape images.  In this time of digital manipulation and image composites, Mark would rather capture a scene as is with camera technique and film choice the only method of creating the photographs you see before you today. Balancing the light in some images requires the use of a ND grad filter, and Mark uses Lee filters which are some of the best filters on the market today. When Mark captures an image with his panoramic camera, that image is one moment, it is not a series of moments or images stitched together using Photoshop, and the images are not composites or HDR images.

All panoramic images showcased on this website have been shot on Fuji Velvia film which is renowned for its exquisite fine grain & fabulous colour saturation, which means that no colours need to be added in post production and the light & colour you see in the images are a result of the actual conditions at the time Mark took the shots. Fuji Velvia is also a very slow, low ISO rated film, so a tripod is also an essential element of the picture taking process. Revisiting certain locations over & over and waiting on the right lighting conditions means that if and when the incredible light occurs, Mark is ready to capture it.


Hasselblad Xpan2


Hasselblad 30mm F5.6, 45mm F4, 90mm F4


Fuji Velvia


Lee 0.3, 0.6, 0.9  Hard ND Grad Filter & Lee 0.6 Soft ND Grad Filter & Lee 81C Colour Temperature Correction Filter


Imacon 949 Virtual Drum Scanner


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