It’s been a good nine months since I’ve released anything new…that’s simply down to been very busy shooting weddings all spring & summer! But never fear, I’ve just sent 6 rolls of film to the developers, so as soon as they’re back & I have a look at what’s on them, I’ll start featuring some new images!

For now, here is something a little different – a digital image! This was taken last night and for me it was the first time to see the Northern Lights properly! I’m not a aurora hunter & don’t follow when they might appear, I simply went out the back of my house around 9:30pm & looked up & seen the most amazing scene in front of me! So grabbing one camera, one lens & a tripod, I headed for the nearest beach where I knew would have no lights…lucky for me that’s right around the corner from where I live!

I shot digital frames for about an hour, just waiting & watching the gorgeous light show in front of me, with nobody else around, just listening to the swell pounding the shore nearby! I did leave this location & go back home & grab the Xpan & I did shoot a couple of frames on film. I really have no idea what they’ll look like! It’s totally different shooting this scene on digital vs. film! But if they come out, I’ll post them up here!

‘Aurora Arch’.

Technical: Canon 5Dmk3, 24-70mm F2.8L, 30 seconds at F5.6 iso1600.



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