End of month report time…and now’s it go! Alcatraz is less than a week away!

Where as April seen my legs giving up the ghost & need massage work & rest to recover, May seen my bike do the same! Only this time new wheels, cassette & chain were the necessary items. But thankfully the bike is grand again & feels like new with all the new bits on! The hard part about May has been the terrible weather in Sligo. Temperatures barely hitting 10 degrees and pretty much every session blighted by wind & rain…it’s been testing to say the least.

Swim – the sea swims have been great. I’ve been out in rough and calm conditions and done some sessions where I’ve gone running right after for about a kilometer, to simulate the warm-up run in Alcatraz. I needed to know I can run for that long & still get the wetsuit off easily! Pool swims have been good too with plenty of endurance work done. As I write this I’m supposed to have one last sea session, but conditions are so bad & rough here that it would be a waste of time. Next time I’m in my wetsuit will be Thursday in San Francisco bay! I’m doing two clinics there before the race, to get used to the currents…I’m looking forward to the slightly warmer conditions in the bay…water temp in Sligo has been sitting at 10 degrees all May, a few degrees colder than normal…so SF bay will be almost balmy!!

Bike – once the wheels/chain etc were sorted the biking was great!! Plenty of threshold brick sessions done & dusted. Plenty of hill stuff too! I’m really looking forward to the nice smooth SF road surface, even though the race notes mention one section of bad asphalt…that probably compares equally to all the roads in Ireland! I’ll be doing a couple of short rides when I get to SF too…nothing major, just make sure the bike is running smooth and get used to cycling on the other side of the road!

Run – April was tough, and I had to go back to short runs. May thankfully seen my legs fully recovered and ready to attack whatever was on the schedule. And that included the big Dollys Hill nearly every session, even during brick sessions. I’m back feeling good with the run, and even better is the longer the brick session run, the more comfortable I feel. The only thing I haven’t trained for is sand. When it comes to Baker Beach & the sand run, it’ll be a case of sticking with it and aiming for the hard sand near the water.

Now it’s almost time to pack it all up & take a full days rest while sitting on a plane for 11/12 hours.


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