End of month report time…only one more month of training to go…now time to get real!

As per my last post, April was a month dogged with injury & issues, mainly with my calves. You can see from my monthly plan, how many sessions have been scribbled out & altered. But that’s what a plan is…plan out what you’d like to do, and alter as necessary.

There was a good test in April, the Sligo sprint triathlon, so I’m well able to put the 4 disciplines together and as quick as 2011 races in transition!

Although not anywhere like I was, I’m finally back out running & also doing brick sessions. Fingers crossed the fitness will come back quickly & I’ll be able to start building mileage. The majority of the hill sessions will take place with the brick sessions, which is when it really matters.

I’m back doing some T25 also, but sticking with the Lower Focus session, to further build some leg muscle and work different parts of my legs with the hope that it will help with the running & calf issues. With this 25 minute session, I’m doing it before I go running or doing a brick so it gives my legs a great ‘warm-up’! Although times suffer a little on the bike its a good way of doing an activity before heading on the bike, which is what you do in a tri anyway.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, it always does for me on the lead up to a big race, but my pool swimming times have stagnated & even slowed a little. But I expected this when the biking & running take more out of me. Sea swimming is going fine though & the water has even warmed a little!!

Finally, no more excuses, as long as my calves & legs keep holding up. Added to my brick sessions from next week will be Dolly’s Hill climb! I did this for the month of February, long before it opened & became a popular walk up the mountain, so I know what to expect…pain & suffering which is what I expect on the Alcatraz run! The hill is around 500 meters with a 14.5% gradient then the railway sleepers at the steepest part as in the photo below! I’ll alternate doing this at the end of the run but also squeeze it in right at the start, and probably for good measure the start & end of the run as the month of May nears the end!



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