Right, another end of month post report! If it wasn’t already serious, it is now…with 2 months to go until Alcatraz!!

A bit of a funny month to be honest! I’ve taken to trail running perfectly and in fact all my long runs will now be done on the trails around Union Wood. At the moment doing two 7km loops. Mostly just to easy the pressure from the pounding of the roads. But also, as mentioned before, Alcatraz is a multi-terrain run. So running on the very rocky trails around Sligo, Alcatraz will feel like smooth smooth soft road!!

I’ve finally taken to the roads on the bike, and for the most part it’s been going great. Starting to build mileage and hitting some hills. And I’ve only had to reschedule one session due to weather. But that option is now gone thanks to a complete worn down turbo training tyre!! But working for myself, I do have the advantage of being able to head out during a decent weather window, like yesterday for example where the morning was dry but the afternoon/evening was ridiculously wet & windy. My long cycle is only 40km at the moment, but that will increase to 60 this month, and that’s it. Thankfully with the Alcatraz bike leg being short at 30km, I do not need to spend hours & hours on the bike. It’s more important to get comfortable with the hills, which I’ve just started to do.

Swimming is still going great. The last 400m time trail I put in during the month was 5:32 so a great improvement from where I started at. And more importantly the long 2500m sets I’m doing fell comfortable yet I’m finishing them in a good time.

Wedding photography has started again as you can see from the schedule below. And that means an extra rest day, although photographing weddings is anything but a rest day! But each wedding day I complete a stretch session in the mornings. Full days off for me don’t work! I much rather feel better having done some active recovery.

And it was bound to happen at some point, but I’ve developed a strange muscle niggle in my left leg, right behind my knee – it’s looking more & more like its something to do with the┬ápopliteus muscle. So for the rest of this week, and next week, I’m only concentrating on swimming as this issue needs to be sorted. It could well have stemmed from all the hill work I’ve been doing since December. So until that is gone, no hills and no running to be honest. Fingers crossed when it’s gone, I’ll jump on the bike, then start building up the running again. A set back for sure but I’m currently working on getting rid of this issue with Troy McKenna a sports physio in Strandhill. So fingers crossed it will disappear just like it appeared – the weird thing is that it just appeared one morning, not after any heavy sessions!

Onward to April…and a return of the brick session (once the popliteus is fixed), the start of sea swimming (I can feel the cold already) and later in the month my one & only triathlon in Sligo this year…my final triathlon in Sligo actually!! A race purely to put all three disciplines together and see where I’m at….it’s a sprint race, but I certainly won’t be sprinting especially with this leg!!


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