From the Upper canyon, now a vertical panoramic from the Lower. We went to Lower Antelope Canyon at around 9am in the morning, to try to avoid too many people down there, but also to get a feel for the place when the sun wasn’t directly overhead & lighting the canyon walls. You get a lovely mix of colours down there then, ranging from blues to purples then to orange & reds as the sun gets higher. It’s amazing how different the place looks in the morning compared with afternoon, which we experienced in 2010.

This image has a completely different feel to it from my previous post from the Upper canyon. Whereas the upper shot was warm, inviting almost, this is dark, moody with an eerie feeling and the Navajo Chief coming out of the sandstone rock surface. When you head down the lower canyon with a photographer pass, you’re left to it on your own, so no guides to show you specific areas or what they’re called, so it’s up to you to find & interpret them.

Again, shot on the Hassleblad Xpan2 on Velvia, with something like a 45 second exposure at F16.

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